Louis Tomlinson – Back To You

I always find writing about your favorite artist is a knife with two blades as I always get lost in my head with all my thoughts about how much I love the person I’m going to refer to.
But this time I wanted to be brave.
Not only talking about my favorite artist’s new single but as well reviewing it!

Ladies and Gents I’m proud to introduce all of you to: Louis Tomlinson – Back To You

After One Direction announced a hiatus few months ago the boys decided to take different ways (music-whise) going solos on few projects and after seeing Louis in action with his first collab with Steve Aoki for Just Hold On it’s useless to say that I couldn’t wait for him to drop his first solo project. And that’s where Back To You comes into action.

Out on the 21.07.2017 Back To You is already a major hit on most of the UK radio stations and I couldn’t be more proud as this song deserves all the fame it’s receiving.
The lyrics is powerful and hit you right away. If you are or have been into a toxic relationship you know what I’m talking about.
The title for this song is just perfect as it couldn’t be any other one to be honest.

Different from any other One Direction’s song the sound and rhythm of this song is like fresh air on the hottest day of the year.
It opens up with Bebe Rexha cool voice tone as she sings the first verse until the chorus and then the moment we have all waited for: Louis Tomlinson’s warm voice comes in leaving us breathless with all the hidden talent he’s showing us singing my favorite part of the song.

“I know my friends they give me bad advice

Like move on, get you out my mind

But don’t you think I haven’t even tried

You got me cornered and my hands are tied.”

The sound of this fabulous work could be defined as a soft kind of pop.
The songs has an unusual structure as it’s not the boring routine with: verse, pre-chorus chorus. verse pre-ch. chorus and all over again and is actually interesting how it catches attention after certain points during the song.
I’m glad Louis decided to go out of the box of the usual music sound every artist is kind of using nowadays.

Up to date is one of my favorite songs ever released from such a big artist like the 25th years old boy from Donny.

This hit is definitely Mix approved! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Watch Back to you music video: here

Louis Tomlinson – Back To You

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